Committed employees through skill-enhancement and
development programs

Sustainability can only be practiced by employees that identify with their company’s products and goals. This is why ThyssenKrupp Elevator organizes regular skill-enhancement and development courses for its 44,000 employees worldwide.

Sustainable efficiency is not just about the green treatment of physical resources, it also has a social component to it. As an international player we recognize a special responsibility for our employees working around the globe. Carefully targeted development programs are an essential ingredient of a successful career – and in a company’s sustainable success. Through the global training platform SEED Campus, ThyssenKrupp Elevator fosters the creativity, technical know-how and personal development of its employees.

SEED Campus is therefore also important for sustainable efficiency, and for the success of such a dedicated program it is essential that the corporate philosophy permeates through all levels of business and that qualified employees are tied to the company long term.

Occupational safety is another important issue for us. ThyssenKrupp Elevator’s uppermost precept is zero accidents. Countless initiatives and educational campaigns ensure maximum protection for employees at work. Our sustainable corporate culture is also reflected in the efforts of individuals. Many of our employees are closely involved in a large number of community projects.